Inspection report

Warsaw, 27 May 1946. Judge Antoni Knoll, delegated to the Main Commission for the Investigation of German Crimes in Poland, went to Chochołowska Street 12, where in the presence of witness Kamilla Aszkołajtis he inspected the site of the execution carried out on 2 September 1944. The results of the inspection are as follows:

Property no. 12 on Chochołowska Street is located 25 meters from Podhalańska Street, where the abovementioned execution had indeed taken place at number 24. The property at Podhalańska Street 24 borders the property at Chochołowska Street 12, from where the persons condemned to death were brought. These plots are currently separated by a steel chain link fence. Witness Kamilla Aszkołajtis (known from the case), present at theinspection, explained as follows:

We stayed in the first basement, on the right-hand side of the stairs leading into the house (see execution site drawing 1). Upon the order of the Germans we left the basement andwere led to property no. 24 on Podhalańska Street, down the path marked “5” on thedrawing. During the uprising both of these plots, Chochołowska Street 12 and Podhalańska Street 24, were not separated because the insurgents had removed the fence to facilitate communication. We were taken under the cherry tree [?], marked “2” on the drawing, and lined up in the location marked “3,” facing house no. 24. The troop that fired on us was standing in the location marked “4.” After the execution, once the German soldiers had moved on to property no. 22 on Podhalańska Street, taking the path marked on the drawing as “6,” I crawled over to the wicket of property no. 24 leading onto Podhalańska Street.

I wish to note that between properties no. 24 and 22 on Podhalańska Street and in front of property no. 24 on the Podhalańska Street side there was a steel chain link fence very densely overgrown with grapevine, which made it possible for me to crawl over to the wicket unseen.

Presently the fence in front of property no. 24 on Podhalańska Street and between properties nos. 24 and 22 is sparsely covered with grapevine. In response to questioning, witness Aszkołajtis explained that the distance between the firing squad and the execution victims had been a little less than seven meters. After examination of […] the execution site, the inspection was concluded. The report was read out.