Bogdan Myszka
Class 5b
Public Elementary School in Mirzec
Iłża district
21 November 1946

Memories of German crimes

I remember how terribly the Germans treated Poles. They killed [all?] people and deported them to concentration camps. They tormented them and burned them alive in ovens. They carried out mass roundups. [Everybody?] lived in great fear and uncertainty about tomorrow. When I lived in a forester’s lodge, I [once] witnessed how cars brought people for execution. They had their hands tied and the Germans executed them in this way. These were terrible moments for me, because as a child I was terribly afraid.

The Germans committed the most horrible crimes in the world. I remember one very sad moment when the Germans brought three gentlemen and a lady from Starachowice. They were acquaintances of my daddy, and the Germans shot them, too. Many more people were shot near our place. The Germans made a veritable cemetery close to our abode in the forest. Whenever the Germans drove past, I thought that they brought people for execution. [However?], the time has come that they must answer for their cruel crimes against the Polish population.