on executions and mass graves

Township: Skorzeszyce
Commune: Górno
District: Kielce
Voivodeship: Kielce

1. Date and place of execution:

13 August 1944, Skorzeszyce

2. Type of execution:

Shooting; one person was hanged

3. Personal data of the murdered victims:

Poles, Jews, foreigners: Poles

Number of murdered victims: 13

The victims were brought in from: The church in Skorzeszyce and Skorzeszyce village

Surname, age, occupation, address:

1) Stępień Jan, 37 years old, from Skorzeszyce,

2) Ozga Jacek, 39 years old, farmer, from Skorzeszyce,

3) Iwan Franciszek, 26 years old, farm worker,

4) Iwan Władysław, 17 years old, farm worker,

5) Sławeta Michał, 25 years old, farm worker,

6) Błaszczyk Bolesław, 15 years old, farm worker,

7) Stępień Władysław, 18 years old, farm worker,

8) Pindral Jan, 35 years old, builder,

9) Stępień Jan, 25 years old, farmer,

10) Stępień Michał, 19 years old, farmer,

11) Ozga Adam, 75 years old, farmer,

12) Zielonka Szczepan, 22 years old, farm worker,

13) Mochacki Franciszek, 39 years old, village administrator from Górki Napękowskie, Daleszyce commune.

The first eleven people were from Skorzeszyce, Górno commune, and the remaining two from Górki Napękowskie, Daleszyce commune.

4. Is it known what the victims were accused of, whether the execution was carried out in retaliation, etc.?

For crashing a taxi on the road and for the killing of officers by the Soviet guerrilla fighters.

5. Who carried out the execution?

SS, police, and Wehrmacht

6. Are the surnames of the perpetrators known?


7. Were the corpses burnt or destroyed in any other way?

The corpses were given to the families and each family buried them at its own expense.

8. Where were the corpses buried?

In the cemetery in Skorzeszyce.

9. Description of the grave:

Each victim was buried separately.

10. Was there an official exhumation? Were the corpses buried officially, and if so, where?


11. Are there any grounds for exhumation in the future?

There is no such need.

On 28 September 1945, the contents of the above questionnaire were officially certified by Jan Zielonka, the head of Górno commune, with the Municipal Court in Daleszyce.