Rifleman Mieczysław Koczera, 19 years old, civilian, occupation: middle school student.

I was arrested on 30 April 1940 and incarcerated for two months in the prison in Stanisławów, and on 11 July I was deported to the USSR. The journey was very difficult to endure, this being because of hunger and thirst. After 17 days on the road we reached our destination, that is, the USSR, Kostanay Oblast, Siemierozerny [?] region, Siemierozerka [?] hamlet.

I worked in a kolkhoz there. My remuneration consisted of 7 kilograms of flour and 2 kilograms of meat per month. I stopped working after three months in the kolkhoz and from then on I supported myself by selling my stuff. Some time later the NKVD forced me to work, and so when I finally managed to get a job I had to work in the so-called carpentry promkombinat [complex].

This work didn’t suit me, but I couldn’t do anything about it, as Poles weren’t admitted for office work anywhere, and so we had to perform physical labor.

The medical assistance was very poor, because there were many inhabitants and only one doctor. There was also a pharmacy, but it was of no use as you couldn’t get anything in it. I worked in such conditions until I left for the army. I went to join the army on 11 November 1942.

Official stamp, 1 March 1943