Interviewed as a witness:

Name and surname Irena Fiszer
Parents’ names Stanisław and Waleria, née Pietrzak
Date and place of birth 7 September 1922, Kłobuck
Citizenship and nationality Polish
Place of residence Kłobuck, Staszica Street 18

In 1942, the Nazis set up a ghetto in Kłobuck, and great masses of people who were able to work were deported from the ghetto to the camps; as for those unfit for work, they were shot in the cemetery situated outside the town. Regarding deportations to the camps, lots of people were deported in this way, both Poles and Jews, and there was no return for them.

My husband was taken from his workplace and deported to Gross Rosen, from where he was being transported to Mauthausen, but he fell down on the way and was finished off with rifles, just like several other people from Kłobuck whom I had known. I learned about this from a citizen from Częstochowa, who testified under oath that he had seen how my husband was murdered on the way. In 1945, before the Red Army entered Poland, I got a second message from another citizen, who had also seen my husband and a few others from among his acquaintances fall down from exhaustion and be killed with rifle butts or shots.