On 21 February 1948, in Radom, Attorney Zygmunt Glogier, member of the District Commission for the Investigation of German Crimes, based in Radom, heard the person named below as a witness without an oath. After being informed about the criminal liability for giving false testimony, the witness testified as follows:

Name and surname Kazimierz Tarczyński
Age 32
Parents’ names Stefan and Walentyna
Place of residence 1 Maja Street 72, flat 32, Radom
Occupation construction worker
Criminal record none
Relationship to the parties none

I was arrested on 14 February 1942. That night, about 24 people were arrested. Everyone who was on the list was arrested and taken to Kosciuszki. There we had our photo taken, our personal details were written down and we were sent to prison, where we were placed in a cell [illegible] in the Sonderabteilung.

I myself was not interrogated at Kościuszki. Wójcik was interrogated several times and beaten badly; the others too were beaten during the questioning, but to a lesser extent. We were arrested in connection with the distribution of some newspapers. I was taken to the Auschwitz camp in April 1942. I was there for two months, after which I was transported to various camps. I was released on 5 May 1945 from the Gusen II camp by the Americans.

Before setting off from prison to the camp, all of us were tied up with string. On the freight train, we were taken to the camp [all the time] in a squatting position. As far as I remember, from my party Pypczyński and his son died, I don’t recall any other names. Stawiarski, a technician from Radom, was also killed.

This is my testimony.