The life of the late Władysław Kłosowski, 22 years old, resident of Radom, Gliniana Street 32

Władysław Kłosowski, born on 25 September 1922 in Radom, son of Stanisław and Ewa née Grzybowska.

He spent his youth among his siblings and under the tender care of his parents. He was raised in an impecunious family of a steadfast tannery worker, and as he completed seven grades of elementary school and turned fifteen, he began to work with his parents, showing the spirit of mercy and patriotism. Five years of hard work in the tannery gave him fortitude and sound judgement as regards the German tortures. His views and doings were to a great extent shaped by his father, a future victim of a bullet shot by a perfidious Volksdeutscher for opposing the Nazi regime.

He toiled at the tannery until he was called up to the Baudienst in 1942; it was there that he engaged in activities aimed against the tyranny of the Germans. Seeing their negligence and barbarity, he resolved to voluntarily prolong his period of captivity in order to continue anti-German work at the outpost in Wolanów. Up until his last moments, he persisted in the work of destruction of the “Western culture”, even though the Germans to whom he was subordinate were already suspicious of him.

He was arrested on 12 April 1944. With tears in their eyes and defiance in their hearts, his friends bid their last farewells to him who was more than a brother to them. They made solemn vows to avenge his death and thus honor his sacrifice for them.

After almost three months of torture and torment, on 20 June 1944 in Skaryszew, he was shot by the Nazi thugs along with some of his friends.

The example of his life has already yielded many good results in wringing the neck of the Nazi hydra in the Baudienst where he had worked.

Radom, 7 March 1945, W. Kłosowska (on behalf of her mother).