Warsaw, 12 March 1946. Investigating Judge Halina Wereńko, delegated to the Commission for the Investigation of German Crimes, interviewed the person specified below as a witness. Having advised the witness of the criminal liability for making false declarations, and of the significance of the oath, the judge swore her in, after which the witness testified as follows:

Forename and surname Ewa Glegolska, née Kalska
Names of parents Piotr and Franciszka
Date of birth December 1894 in Głowaczów, Kozienice county
Occupation housewife, widow
Education seven grades at elementary school
Place of residence Piaseczno, Orężna Street, Nowa Iwiczna municipality, Otrocki’s house
Religious affiliation Roman-Catholic
Criminal record none

During the German occupation, I lived in Warsaw at Leszno Street 87, together with my husband, Władysław, a carpenter by trade, and my son, Jerzy, who worked with his father. My husband died on 14 March 1943; after that his son replaced him in the workshop as a carpenter and provided for us. My son, Jerzy, was born on 23 June 1925.

I do not know if my husband and son belonged to an underground organization whose aim was to fight against the Germans; anyway, they did not tell me anything. My son sometimes went out of the house in the evening. When I asked him where he was going he replied that he was going for a walk.

On 18 January 1944, at 8 a.m., four men in plain clothes came to our house and immediately asked about my son. They spoke to us in Polish but they talked to each other in German. My son was still in bed; the men ordered him to get dressed, and they told him that if he did not want to go, they would take him anyway. When I asked why they were taking my child, one of the men pushed me.

I do not know where they took my son. On 2 February, my friends told me that my son’s name was on a list of hostages on a notice at no. 19. I was ill at that time and I did not see the notice myself, and I do not remember if it was announced on the notice that he was a hostage or that he had been sentenced to death. On 3 February, there were executions in Puławska Street and in aleja Róż.

I do not know where my son was executed. I did not receive any official notification of his death.

I still do not know why my son was arrested.

The report was read out.