On 23 September 1947 in Oświęcim, the Municipal Court in Oświęcim, in the person of the Municipal Judge Jan Janowski, with the participation of reporter Ludwika Skrzypaszek, interviewed the person specified below as a witness. Having advised the witness of the criminal liability for making false declarations and of the wording of Article 107 of the Code of the Criminal Procedure and of the significance of the oath, the judge sworn in the witness. The witness then testified as follows:

Name and surname Bolesław Bicz
Age 48
Parents’ names Eugeniusz and Helena, née Nowotarska
Place of residence [illegible] Klucznikowice
Occupation railway worker
Religious affiliation Roman Catholic
Criminal record none
Relationship to the parties none

I was arrested on 8 July 1940 and charged with helping Wiejowski from somewhere around Tarnów – the first [Polish] prisoner to escape, as well as with seeking contact with prisoners and wanting to restore the Polish State. For this reason, I was first detained in the bunker for 18 days and interrogated by Grabner during that time. I was given food only once during my 18-day detention in the bunker. I was then sentenced to death, but the verdict was changed to five years of labor in a quarry and 75 lashes. Having received 75 lashes, I was sent to hospital because two of my ribs were broken, my clavicle was fractured and a piece of flesh in my right thigh was actually torn off.

When I recovered, on 18 June 1941 I was sent to Mauthausen, where I stayed until the end. Since I spent almost the entire time of my stay at Auschwitz in the hospital, I cannot provide any important information on [illegible] of the armed crew of the former Auschwitz camp.