Witness: Joanna Ringel, Kraków
In the case of [Alice] Orlowski

p. 9
“... In May 1944, the first Aufseherins [overseers] arrived in the Płaszów camp in the company of their sinister Oberaufseherin [senior overseer]. When they came to put the camp in order, they came to us. The most dangerous among them was Orlowski, who carried out a thorough search of the women’s barracks with one of her companions in such a manner that she threw everything out and didn’t allow the prisoners to keep anything. She also took the opportunity to barbarically beat and claw several women.

p. 10
“... When Orlowski came by for another inspection, she didn’t like the dispensary. Therefore, she immediately proceeded to beat the doctor, Dr. Freund. Surprised at such practices, Dr. Freund went to complain to the director, but finding him absent, she already knew what lay in store for her, as there was no one to come to her assistance. On her way back, she dosed herself with phenobarbital. When Orlowski came back, she threw herself at the doctor like a wild beast. She beat and clawed her, and poured a bucket of dirty water over her head, and smeared her with ashes. Since the phenobarbital started to work, Dr. Freund was unconscious. Orlowski went out, closed the door and forbade the doctor to try to save her. And so Dr. Freund remained lying until the evening, when she was brought in and received first aid. She had her stomach pumped and was placed in bed. She remained completely unconscious and slept for two days. When she came round, she was taken with her husband to the main camp and placed in the hospital there. Next, Orlowski took Dr. Freund to work in the laundry under her supervision and harassed her there for a long time”.