Sent to the Auditor General in Brussels

14 November 1945

Main Commissioner for State Security

Kingdom of Belgium

Ministry of National Defense

Main Office for War Crimes

Witness interview report no. 375/45

Continuation of our document dated 10 September 1945, sent to the Auditor General on 5 November 1945.

Accusation against German nationals at Auschwitz:

– Mengele, SS doctor

– Drechsler, SS woman

– Mandl, SS woman

– Brandl, SS woman

– Ruppert, SS woman

– Josef Kramer, currently being tried in Lüneburg

– Irma Gresse or Grese, currently being tried in Lüneburg.

[Regarding] the mistreatment of prisoners, beating and intentional infliction of wounds causing or capable of causing death, willful mutilation of prisoners, etc.

Pursuant to a complaint filed by Maria Kruszel – explanations provided below.


On 8 November 1945 at 10 a.m., I, Alfons Bellens, Commissioner for State Security, judiciary police officer, assisting the Auditor General, [am continuing] a witness interview report specified on the margin, and am again hearing: Maria Kruszel, single, born 14 January 1929 in Brussels, Polish national, residing at rue de Roumanie 5 in Saint-Gilles, who states:

I wish to testify in French.

I am supplementing my testimony given on 10 September of this year, stating that the other SS doctor whom I have testified about and who was at the Auschwitz camp was named Mengele (phonetic spelling) and was the chief doctor.

Regarding the SS women, I currently recall that Irene, whom I have described, whose last name was Drexel (phonetic spelling) [Drechlser] had typhus. Drechsler came to replace Mandl, who was involved in managing the camp, as Oberaufseherin. I have already spoken of one Brandl, who replaced Ruppert, who in turn transferred to camp C or D in Birkenau (Auschwitz).

At Auschwitz I also knew Kramer and Irma Grese. They never personally beat me but I would like to file a formal complaint against them because I often witnessed Kramer and Irma Grese beat prisoners. Irma Grese always had a stick in her hand, and the reason for the beatings was almost always lack of deference, meanwhile this lack of deference was not willful on the part of the unfortunately prisoners because they did not stop working when Kramer and Grese approached, which was of course due to failing to recognize them.

I confirm my request that these criminals be prosecuted.

Having read the report, I am maintaining its content and signing [it].