This report was duly concluded on 13 October 1947 at the District Court in Wałbrzych, by Judge J. Soroko, with the participation of court reporter and senior court secretary Wł. Strzelewicz, on the request of the Kraków District Commission for the Investigation of German Crimes in Poland issued on 8 September 1947, no. 888/47.

The following facts were established:
1) plaintiff (applicant): no one,
2) defendant: no one.

The witness took the stand and having been advised of the criminal liability for making false declarations and of the wording of Article 140 of the Penal Code, was duly sworn and testified as follows:

Name and surname Józef Mikusz
Age 35
Nationality Polish
Religious affiliation Roman Catholic
Occupation farmer
Place of residence Poniatów, Wałbrzych district, Traugutta Street 7b
Criminal record none
Relationship to the parties none

From the former members of the crew of the former concentration camp in Auschwitz, I know the following: Hans Aumeier, Theresa Rosie Brandl, Fritz Buntrock, Paul Götze, Max Grabner and Ludwik Plagge. I stayed in the Auschwitz camp from December 1940 until January 1945 (from April 1942 in the Birkenau camp).

I know that Aumeier was one of those who liked to beat the prisoners personally. In May or June 1942 there was an incident in the so-called SK [Strafkompanie, penal company], to which some older prisoners had been assigned, where a rebellion took place. Aumeier lined up those prisoners and ordered them to give up the rebels. When they didn’t give them away, he called up the prisoners in turn and every time a prisoner gave a negative response, he shot the prisoner, killing him on the spot. In this way, he finished off dozens of prisoners. The rest were gassed.

Therese Brandl harassed the prisoners in such a way that in the summer she would give out warm winter underwear and shoes, while in the winter she would issue summer underwear and clogs, besides which she would beat the prisoners personally.

Fritz Buntrock was a real peasant and beat the prisoners severely.

Paul Götze pretended to be a friend of the prisoners, managed to get testimonies from them after which he would “rat” on them and beat them personally.

Max Grabner caught me smuggling medicine to Birkenau. I had [illegible] a free pass. He didn’t beat me himself, but he ordered me to be flogged. I received 25 lashes. Prisoners were subjected to torture in the Political Department to force them to testify. I don’t know if Grabner tortured anyone personally, but he must have known about it.

Maria Mandl used to make selections of the female prisoners to be sent to the crematorium and she was known for beating them personally [illegible] and kicking the prisoners in the stomach. She signed from time to time the so-called SB [Sonderbehandlung, “special treatment”] letters.

Ludwik Plagge – the so-called “Little Pipe” – was a Blockführer [block leader] in the SK. He was a terrible sadist, and until 1942 he would beat every prisoner he came across. Later, when he came to the gypsies, he was more moderate. He beat and shot prisoners who had been sentenced to death – he did so personally with his flobert, shooting them in the back of the head.

I should mention that the prisoners didn’t usually know the names [members] of the crew. However, everyone from the crew knew that the prisoners were being gassed, murdered and tortured.

The report was read out.