Mosina, 20 October 1947

Adam Morawski
Mosina near Poznań, Polna Street 2

To the Court of Appeal
before the Kraków District Commission
for the Investigation of German Crimes
in Poland,
for the attention of Appellate Investigating Judge
Mr. Jan Sehn

I read in the “Ilustrowany Kurier Polski” [“Polish Illustrated Courier”] newspaper dated the 18th of this month, about forthcoming trial of 40 SS torturers from the Auschwitz concentration camp.

I consider it my sacred duty to the world, motherland and my murdered Polish brothers to report as a witness against Hans Aumeier, the former Lagerführer [camp leader], [Max] Grabner, head of the Political Department, [Gerhard] Lachmann and others whose names I unfortunately don’t remember.

I hereby inform you that I was in Auschwitz as political prisoner no. 757, from 14 June 1940, that is from the first transport of political prisoners from Tarnów. Thanks to my good command of German, I was appointed Schreiber [clerk] in the Lagerschreibstube [camp administrative office], where I secretly made notes – statistics of all the instances of prisoners’ deaths.

When my actions came to light, I was condemned to death by starvation. I sat for about 30 days and nights without food or drink. Later I became the Schreiber for the SK [Strafkompanie, penal company], where I witnessed a kapo committing mass murders: Karl Langenhagen from Köln, Alfred Bagiński from U[missing], Alfred Pinecki and Alois Neumann from East Prussia and Lagerführer Aumeier, who shot 20 people before my very eyes with a brauning in the back of the head (Genickschuss), including my friend, scout Tadeusz Powalisz.

I can testify to this as well as a great deal of other information (hunting down around 500 Russian prisoners of war, gassing 700 Russian prisoners of war in the bunkers of block 11) under oath.