On 11 January 1969 in Warsaw, the assistant prosecutor for the District Prosecutor’s Office for Warsaw-Żoliborz heard the person named below as a witness, without an oath. After being informed about the criminal liability for false testimony, the witness testified as follows:

Name and surname Stefania Siwiec
Age 55
Parents’ names Antoni, Anna née Szczepańska
Place of residence Warsaw, Piękna Street 24/26, flat 7
Occupation senior instructor for the Polish Red Cross
Criminal record none

On 26 November 1968, I was informed by the Żoliborz District National Council that on the construction site at Gąbińska Street – I do not remember the number – some human remains were found. Therefore, I took part in the commission that drafted the exhumation report. Apart from me, this committee included: a representative of the Society of Fighters for Freedom and Democracy (Żoliborz division), a representative of the District National Council Żoliborz, and the construction manager.

After arriving on site, I found that in the excavations dug for the new construction there were seven skulls and a few small bones. Some of the skulls were well preserved, while others were shattered. Neither the remaining bones nor any remains of clothing were found. Perhaps they had been ripped up by the digger earlier before the skulls were noticed and taken to the dump. I can’t tell you from what period these skulls came from, but I suppose they were from the time of the last war.

The remains were put together in a wooden crate and buried in the Bródnowski cemetery. I wasn’t present at their burial in the cemetery. Because we were unable to determine anything that would indicate the origin of these corpses, the report was limited to the actual finding of the skulls and nothing more. On the basis of the report, these remains were registered in the Polish Red Cross files.

I should clarify: these remains had not yet been registered in the file, but they were only given the reference number PCK 33315 and buried accordingly in the cemetery.

I have read this statement in person.