Warsaw, 11 January 1946. Acting investigating judge Halina Wereńko, delegated to theCommission for the Investigation of German Crimes in Poland, interviewed the person named below as an unsworn witness. Having been advised of the criminal liability for giving false testimony, the witness testified as follows:

Name and surname Lucyna Lange
Age 48
Names of parents Władysław and Maria
Place of residence Warsaw, Wolski Hospital, Płocka Street 36
Occupation nurse
Religious affiliation Roman Catholic
Criminal record none

On 23 December 1943, through a window of the surgical ward at Wolski Hospital, I saw the Germans execute Poles. I cannot remember how many were killed, 20, I think, and then, I believe, another 20 on 13 January 1944.

A couple of hours before the executions, the Germans manned the area. In both cases, the convicts had been transported in cars, in which they lay on sawdust, one upon another. The SS-men brought a couple of persons at a time from a car. The convicts’ arms were tied behind their backs; I could not see what with. They were wearing underwear and were barefoot. They had paper bags on their heads. During the execution, they were silent. Walking to the execution site, they were pushed and dragged by the SS-men, I only saw one person walk straight. I did not recognise any of the victims. After the execution, there were posters about it, I believe.

The bodies were taken away by some labourers, Jews, so they said. Before that, the SS-men finished the victims off with a single revolver shot. After taking the bodies away, the Jews sawdusted the square and swept it.

The execution took place opposite Wolski Hospital, on Górczewska Street, at the junction with Płocka Street.

The report was read out.