Tarnów, 12 September 1989

“Zorza” weekly
The list of the missing

Having learned about the possibility of conducting a search for the missing persons, I would like to request your help in finding my uncle, Jerzy Wadecki.

Personal data: Jerzy Wadecki, born on 10 November 1911 in Sławn [illegible] (Russia), unmarried, forestry engineer (after passing his school-leaving exam, he enrolled at the Faculty of Forestry of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences), second lieutenant in the reserve. In 1939, as an officer, he was called up and assigned to work in a hospital.

The first letter came from Brześć nad Bugiem to his brother in Warsaw. The second letter from my uncle was sent from Starobilsk, also to his brother in Warsaw. My father (the third brother) had the address in Starobilsk, so he sent my uncle 100 rubles from Brześć nad Bugiem, where we stayed at the time, and received the following telegram from my Uncle: Ja zdorow, diengi mnie nie nużny, Jerzy Wadeckij [I am well, I do not need money, Jerzy Wadecki], which also came to Brześć. We received no further communications. Neither the letters nor the telegram survived the war.

It stems from the above that uncle perished in Starobilsk. We don’t know what he could have had on his person because, as I have already mentioned, he was unmarried; our family suffered various fates and it was not always possible to keep in touch.

I attached a copy of a photograph that might help in his identification after the discovery of graves that still remain uncovered.

I kindly ask for all the help that you can provide in finding a person dear to me.

[Copy of the photograph]