Class 6
Horodło, 17 June 1946

The evacuation

One day, and this was when the Germans were evacuating people, mummy came into the room. I was still lying in bed. Mummy said that there would be an evacuation that day, and when I heard this I jumped to my feet. Our house was a mess, things lay strewn around, so I started helping mummy pack. An hour later an order was given for the people to leave. All our neighbors from the entire colony started getting ready to leave. However, since we had no means of transport, we decided to stay at home.

When our neighbors had left, a German gendarme walked up and said that he had better not run into us when he came around next time. But even then we stayed, however after a while two Germans walked up to our house and we were forced to leave. We went to the other colony, and remained there until the next day.

The next day some Germans appeared on horseback and ordered us to go to the other side of the River Bug, and from there to Germany. In order not to go to Germany, we left the colony and hid in one of the villages. We spent the night uneventfully, and next morning we learned that the Germans had been driven out by the Soviet army. With great joy, we returned home; the building was empty. But we did not pay any attention to this, we just knuckled down to work and after a short while we were living peacefully in our home.