19 June 1946

Kazimierz Wojtowicz
Class 5b
Wisznice, Włodawa district

My wartime experiences

In 1944, the German-Soviet front was moving. As the Germans were fleeing, they stole horses and cows and ordered people to dig trenches. When the Germans were leaving, they destroyed the bridges. Our bridge was turned into smithereens. The Soviets came in tanks in the evening. I ran to see the tanks, and the Soviets gave me binoculars to look at Horodyszcze. When I went home, the Germans were firing their cannons. I saw big projectiles in the air, and one of them fell about 150 meters from me. I saw Horodyszcze burning.

Many Soviets came to us at night and when I got up, I couldn’t get through them, so I had to go out of my window. In the morning, I grazed cows. The Soviets threw a grenade, and I got scared. The Soviets gave me a wide, yellow belt. Next to my home, I found 12 bullets and a grenade, and I gave them to the Soviets.