Ryszard Korneluk
Class 5a
Wisznice, 19 June 1946

My most important wartime experience

On 22 June 1944, the Germans started their war with Russia. Soviet planes flew over at night in bombing raids on Brześć, while the Germans lit them up with searchlights and fired their anti-aircraft guns at them. Soviet planes dropped their “spiders” and marked the [spots] where they were supposed to drop their bombs.

The next day, we saw German planes flying. At midnight, Soviet planes fought German planes in the sky.

On the third day, the Soviets chased the Germans away from Wisznice, and there were three tanks moving along Rowińska Street, going into the woods to chase the Germans. They chased them all the way to Warsaw. A terrible battle started in Warsaw, pushing the Germans all the way past the city. There was a shelter for insurgents in Warsaw; the insurgents were still in the shelter at the time.