Eugeniusz Sadowski
Class 7
Wisznice, 19 June 1946

My most important wartime experiences

It was [in] 1944. We got up in the morning, and there was a lot of Germans everywhere, and we could hear cannon fire. The Germans were routing, setting fire to the houses, taking horses and pigs. We could not hear anything except for the loud noise of tanks and cars. We quickly dug a shelter, and I hurried to take our horses and cows into the woods, so the Germans would not take [them] away. When the fight started, my mum and sisters huddled in the shelter, and I watched over the cattle in the forest. Projectiles and bullets kept flying in the air. We sat in the shelter all night long. On Monday morning, we saw the Soviets in cars and infantry following the Germans, happy to be driving the German forces away.