Jadwiga Fik
Class 7
Wola Uhruska, 15 June 1946

Wartime experiences

The war lasted for six years. The Germans attacked Poland on 1 September 1939. One afternoon in September, the sun was shining brightly and the weather was nice. There was a train with Polish troops at the station. The soldiers were singing songs, they were happy and proud that they were going to fight for their country. I had just arrived at the station to see the soldiers going to the front. Suddenly, three planes arrived and started to circle above our troops. The soldiers ordered everybody to run away and started to shoot at the planes. Only one bomb was dropped that day, but the bombardment lasted till the end of the week. I was staying in the forest with my parents at that time; there were a lot of people there. On Sunday, German tanks arrived in our village. They drove into the landmines. We found ourselves under German occupation. The Germans took our school, so we had to learn in a cramped building. That is how I lived during the war. I don’t know what will come next.