Stanisław Jajszczak
Class 5
Seroczyn, Wodynie commune, Siedlce district
17 June 1946

An incident from the German occupation

In April 1944, two cars arrived: one stood on the road from the direction of Wodynie, the other on the road from the direction of Seroczyn. Soldiers got out and surrounded the village. They set up machine guns, pointing at the forest. Some soldiers stood guard, while the others went from house to house. They demanded pigs, sheep, horses and cows; all animals were led to the village administrator’s farm. Sheep and pigs were taken there on carts. Those who lived near the forest did not lose anything, because the Germans were afraid of Polish partisans. Later the cows were led to Siedlce. Ten of them were bought back by the village, the rest was taken to the slaughterhouse.