Stanisława Kaczor
Class 6
Public Elementary School no. 3 in Chęciny

What do the mass graves tell us?

We spent five years in German captivity. The enemy plundered and tormented our country. They murdered innocent people, the elderly, women and children. Our entire territory is soaked in the blood of our brothers and sisters. There are thousands of graves wherever the eye can see. How sad are these graves! In the fields, forests and roads there are the graves of murdered Poles. These are our brothers who died because they were Poles. When we stand over such a grave, we promise ourselves that when we grow up, we will respect and love our homeland as much as they did. They rest quietly and peacefully. Their work and their spilled blood were not in vain. Today we have a free homeland; we will try and work hard to make our homeland strong and forever free.