Class VI
Ostojów, 15 November 1946

My memory of German crimes

In the village of Michniów, district of Suchedniów, the day of 12 July 1943 was both sad and memorable. I remember the sun rising lazily, lighting up our village with its rays. Mother and father got up early and went about their daily work. Gendarmes had set themselves up all around the village, but no one knew why they had come. I went to school, however there were no lessons. I returned hurriedly home, but by then father was gone. Mother and I walked out to the meadow, for the village was on fire. I saw how the German butchers threw defenseless men into the flames. Oh, it was a terrible sight for us! Those in the burning cottages wailed and moaned: “Jesus, save us!”. The next day we left the village and wandered off, orphaned, without father, without a roof over our heads. Today, there are three crosses in the center of Michniów, and they remind us of our innocent fathers, whose blood the Germans spilled.