On 5 November 1947 in Łódź the investigating judge S. K. Krzyżanowska heard as a witness the person specified below; the witness did not swear an oath. Having been advised of the criminal liability for making false declarations, the witness testified as follows:

Name and surname Anna Rusinowicz née Samborska
Age 23 years old
Names of parents Włodzimierz and Lucyna
Place of residence Łódź, Nawrot Street 1a
Occupation student at the University of Łódź
Religious affiliation Roman Catholic
Criminal record none
Relationship to the parties none

During the Warsaw Uprising I was a paramedic of the third company “Chrobry”, but as I was wounded on 12 August 1944, in September I was in the hospital at Długa Street 23, and I only heard from other people that an execution of injured people was carried out on the premises of the hospital at Długa Street 7. I heard that the Germans… I correct my testimony: allegedly the execution was carried out by the “Ukrainians”, who were executing the injured people one by one in their beds.

I didn’t know the number of people executed, and I don’t know any names apart from one –Stanisław Bugajski, who survived that massacre. Bugajski died [later] during surgery in the hospital in Milanówek. I also know that my friend, called Niusia, was executed. She was wounded as a result of the bombardment of the chapel on Miodowa Street, she had her leg amputated and she was executed by the “Ukrainians”.

On the day before it was captured by the Germans, the hospital in which I was lying had been bombed with incendiary bombs. Many of the injured people had to be left in the basements then. Only a small number were taken out. When they captured the premises, the Germans ordered an evacuation of the hospital. I was carried out on a blanket, I had been injured in both legs. Medical assistance was for the Germans, the Poles had to be carried to the Wolski Hospital.

I find it difficult to provide any numbers, but several hundred people burnt in that hospital then. I also heard that on the day when the uprising fell, all the hospitals in the Old Town were bombed with incendiary bombs.

The report was read out.